Polyline Functionality

The XP360 API is capable of delivering accurate polyline rendering based on location data.

This section covers functions related to working with polylines.

Definition: A polyline is a list of points, where line segments are drawn between consecutive points. You can think of it as a polygon that is a single pixel wide (which can then be thickened). Unlike a polygon, a polyline doesn’t need to close (meaning, it doesn’t need to define a closed region). It is typically used to either trace a linear asset (like a river or road) or to outline a region (like a building or city border). Whereas “polygon” is a term used outside GIS and mapping, “polyline” is rarely used anywhere else. See here for more.


Adds a polyline to the sphere, using the specified latitude and longitude coordinates for the vertices of the polyline.


Sets the distance, in meters, for any given polyline to display. Setting to zero displays no polylines. If ANY part of a polyline is over this distance, none of the polyline renders.