XP360 API Dashboard

You can track your usage, manage your keys, and more from the XP360 API Dashboard page.

API Dashboard

The API Dashboard page provides visual reports and usage metrics for all the whitelisted URLs. You can quickly determine the number of sphere loads on each site over time. A sphere load occurs at the initialization of the XP360 API viewer, and whenever a new location is loaded into that viewer.

API Keys

The API Keys page is where you can manage both your XP360 API keys as well as add a Google API key to unlock additional features within the API.

Coverage Map

The Coverage Map page allows you to search for and preview spheres. This is useful for determining which sphere IDs you may want to include in an experience. You can browse or search the map to find your desired location. The large green circles indicate the number of available spheres in a given area.

As you zoom in to the street level, the large green circles will give way to individual green sphere markers. Clicking on one of these markers will load that sphere.

From within the viewer, you can search for a specific address or location, take a snapshot, view the sphere info (including sphere ID), and open the help screen.

User Profile

The User Profile page is where you can review and manage your user information and password.

Note: If you need to update your user name or company, please contact support@aerialsphere.com.