Multi OIC Viewer Widget for Web AppBuilder

*You will need to have installed both the Multi OIC Viewer and Web AppBuilder - Developer Edition prior to creating an App
* You will also need to have an Oriented Imagery Catalog available on your ArcGIS Online Content page. For easy creation of Oriented Imagery Catalogs, we offer our OIC-Wizard app.


To create an app using the Multi-OIC Viewer widget in Web AppBuilder, please open Web AppBuilder and select 3D and click on Create New

In the Create a New Web App page, select Default (3D) and click Next

Select Widget

Click on Set the widgets in this controller and then click on the + button

Then select the Multi-OIC Viewer widget

Finally, select an Oriented Imagery Catalog (OIC) previously published in your ArcGIS Online My Contents page and click on Add. You can add as many OICs as you have available on your ArcGIS Online My Contents page.

When you finish adding OICs to the Multi-OIC Viewer, you can close the window, and the Multi-OIC Viewer icon will appear in the top-right corner of the screen.

Click on the Multi-OIC Viewer icon to lunch the widget pane (left)

Click on any of the circle markers in the map to show the Imagery stored in the OIC. A red 3D polygon will appear on the map indicating the direction of the camera view for the selected image and the selected image will appear in the widget pane.

Finally, click on the Save button located at the bottom left corner of the page and then Launch to see your app on a new web page in your browser


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