Creating a KML file for uploading


1. Navigate to the My Maps google website located here.

a. Upon landing at the page you will be shown any existing maps you might already have.

2. Select “Create a New Map” or the red button with the “+” symbol.

a. This will bring you to a fresh new map.

b. Notice there are several options on the left that you can customize.

I. You can custom name the map.

II. You can create different layers that allow you to quickly switch between different marker sets. (this is important for later)


3. Let’s make a map of something that is near and dear to my heart, Food.

  • You can edit the layer name, and map name by clicking the vertical ellipsis.

  • You can also change how the map looks with the Base Map drop-down.







4. Now we can make some markers.

  • Click on the marker icon

  • Then click where you want the marker.

  • Fill out the marker details.

  • Repeat until all the markers you want for that layer are complete.



5. Once you have all of your markers we can now save the file.

  • Click the vertical ellipsis

  • Select Export to KML/KMZ







6. When exporting, you need to select the specific layer of markers you want for that area. Exporting the entire map will export ALL markers everywhere.

7. Make sure you check the box shown below to specify the file type to be “.KML”

8. Now we can upload this marker file to XP360.