Install and Launch ArcGIS Web AppBuilder (WAB) - Developer Edition

Creating a Client ID (App ID) using ArcGIS Online 

You will need to create a Client ID (App ID) prior to launching ArcGIS Web AppBuilder - Developer Edition

  • Log in to your ArcGIS Online account 

  • Click on Content

  • Click on New item 

  • Select Application 

  • Select Web Mapping and then click on Next

  • Provide a Title and click Save

  • Click on Settings 

  • Scroll down to the Web Mapping Application pane, Data Source, and in URL enter https://localhost:3334/webappbuilder. Then click on Register application

  • Under Redirect URI, copy and paste  https://localhost:3334/ in the box. Click Register

  • Copy the Client ID and save it somewhere. You’ll need this ID when you are ready to launch the Web AppBuilder

Installing and Launching:

  • Download and install the latest Node.js LTS version for your operating system

  • Download and unzip the newest version  ArcGIS WebAppBuilder - Developer Edition. You will only need to download the file with the ‘Download’ Type

  • Open the folder where you unzipped the ArcGIS WebAppBuilder and double-click on the Windows Batch File called startup

  • The batch file starts the Node.js server in the Command Prompt window. Please keep this window open during the whole time you are working with ArcGIS WebAppBuilder

  • Open up your internet browser and type in https://localhost:3334/. A warning may appear. Click advanced and then continue to localhost (unsafe)

  • A prompt will appear asking for your organization's URL and it may request the Client ID (App ID) you previously generated

  • You may get an additional prompt - Request for Permission. Click Allow and you should now have successfully launched ArcGIS Web AppBuilder

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