AerialSphere’s XPGEO Studio

Easily create Oriented Imagery Catalogs with images taken from cell phones, tablets, and certain drones, such as DJI and Skydio.

Signing In

After launching XPGEO Studio, you will be prompted to sign into your ArcGIS Online account

Loading Images

There are two ways to load images into XPGEO Studio:

  1. Image folder - use this option if you have images stored locally 

    1. Click Choose

    2. Navigate to the folder with the images you would like to add

    3. Click Upload

    4. Click Upload

    5. Click Add 

  2. Image list - use this option if you are hosting images on a cloud platform 

    1. Click Choose

    2. Navigate to and select the .txt file of the image URLs. 

    3. Click Add

To add additional images, click Add Images and repeat the instructions listed above


Selecting Images for an OIC

If you would like to create an OIC of all of the images you uploaded, click Create OIC

If you would like only certain images in the OIC, select the Draw Polygon tool and draw a polygon around those images. You can draw multiple polygons that will add images to the OIC. Note - multiple polygons will not create multiple OICs. Once you are done selecting images, click Create OIC

Publishing an OIC

After clicking Create OIC, you will be prompted to give the OIC a title, add a description (if you would like), the option to add additional tags, a search distance (if applicable) and how you would like the images referenced to your OIC. There are two options for this:


Add images as attachments


This option is recommended for OIC’s that have a large number of images

Once everything is filled out, click Publish

After the OIC has been published, you have a couple of options

  1. Go to OIC item page

    1. Clicking on this will take you to your “Content” on ArcGIS Online where you can view your new OIC files

  2. View Oriented Imagery catalog

    1. Clicking on this will give you a preview of your new OIC

  3. Close down the OIC Item prompt and create another OIC

Additional Features

  • When loading multiple folders/image lists, the viewer will color code the title to match the exposure points

  • When an image has been added to an OIC, the symbology of the exposure points will change from diamond to circle, along with noting it in the image list

  • To remove an image from the wizard, click the “x” next to the image name in the image list

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